“Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos.”
-Will Durant

A small leather bound book is the only document of what may be to come. It’s told that it was written by a profit that saw everything will happen within this world. The only interesting part is the part that is of use, the part that’s about to happen.
“When the world was young, the All Beings ruled over the world. They co-existed with the mortals and all of the different creatures that roamed their lands. The most famous of the creatures were the Vampire and Werewolf. They got along for a long time mind you…until lines were crossed.”

“A Vampire who was a member of the Moonspirit clan, animal feeders, slaughtered a werewolf pup. Even though the vampire gave his apologies, nobody forgave him and he was honorably executed for the crime. The vampires soon started to bicker over his death and debated if it was just. New problems started to raise, the Hellwolf clans, human feeders, had begun a feud with the Moonspirit over the hunting grounds. Then the Vampire clans were in a blood feud, and eventually it broke out into a civil war.”

“As After realizing that action needed to be taken, the clan’s elders took control and created a treaty. The two clans eventually started to settle their differences; however, some vampires still picked fights with other clans, some even started to blame the werewolves and started to pick fight with them. The werewolves became very sick of the Vampires and quick. Soon the two races began to battle. The Vampires, who were also fighting each other, were blaming the werewolves for the unfair punishment of their brother. The bickering went on for a few years and nothing changed. Threats were being made inevitably. War will break out.”

No one knows what happens next. The profit died and his books were scattered across by Vampires who thought it was only a bad joke and wanted to destroy it, in hopes that it wasn’t really going to happen.

However the first werewolf pup was slaughtered about three weeks ago in vampire hands and war has already broken the peacefulness of Shadow Rock. The werewolves and vampires were at each others throats. Bloodshed is rampant, especially at Fire’s Peak, the middle ground of the clans. As if this wasn’t enough, the two species, vampire, and werewolves started taking on their own species’ clans. The wealthy are buying slaves in hope that they won’t be touched, and the poor are learning to fight. All chaos has broken loose in this blood filled land. With innocents dying along with the guilty, the death count rises. The stink of rotting flesh grows as the bodies pile up.
What clan will win? Will anyone survive? What side will you choose?

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