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It's not so much a second chance, as it is one man's way of atonement.
They've been brought back, but they're not who they used to be.
They're merely 'shadows' of their former selves -- creatures of darkness that were formally humans, monsters, fae creatures,
and other living beings that crossed paths with a man lost to insanity and darkness itself.
Their purpose? To live again, and know what it is to truly be able to live.

This guild is primarily for the owners of Shadow Fiends and other such creatures that exist within the game.
Though on occasion there are lurker events that are held within one of the subforums for those that are interested in joining in on the game play. Join requests are allowed, but if we've not seen you about in the shop thread, chances are your request will be denied. This is not an open guild for the general public, but is specifically for guardians and lurkers of the B&C shop 'Shadow Fiends.'

"I've been watching, I've been waiting, in the shadows for my time.
I've been searching, I've been living for tomorrows all my life"

"In the Shadows" - The Rasmus