New York City
-Present Day-

Recently, the number of missing persons reports and murders has been on the rise, spiking sharply. The authorities investigating this matter have turned up little evidence to explain why, but they believe the cause to be increased activity and hostility between rival gangs. The truth is, nothing could possibly be farther from the real reason motivating these occurrences than gangs. No, the real cause dates back centuries upon centuries, and the worst part is, until the beings behind this are stopped, it'll only get worse.

So what's the truth, you ask? Who's behind all of this?

Only a chosen few know. But before I tell you, let me ask you a question or two. When you're walking down the street, have you ever caught a shadow moving from the corner of your eye? Felt like you were being watched and not seen anybody when you checked over your shoulder? Yeah? Good.

I can see that you're still curious, and as a reward for your persistence, I'll tell you some.

That feeling of being watched is us, as are those shadows you catch from the corner of your eye. We are the Onyx Shades, a small, secret group of highly trained individuals dedicated to protecting the descendants of ancient heroes from back in the day called Adepts.

Who are we protecting them from? We Shades call them Shadows of Lament. In actuality, they're demons. No joke. These Shadows of Lament are the ones responsible for the rising number of murders and missing persons reports. While we Shades can fight these demons, only an Adept can truly destroy them, and it's our job to make sure they learn how. Problem is, the demons are starting to get a general idea of where they're at...


I invite you now to take a step into our world. Will you join us, the Shades and Adepts, to fight another day, or will you make it your mission in life to destroy us for good? The choice is yours...



I have been appointed Captain of this Guild. But I have no rights to the story. It is Arkyron's own story which he made. If you use any part of it without his permission, I will find you and report you. I have only the rights to found and run the guild, do not ask me to use any part of the story. Thanks and have fun.


A very special thanks goes to these individuals for contributing to our guild:

Prisoner of Doubt and Commander Mars for a large donation toward the guild.
Samurai_KitsuneX for purchasing our guild's first subforum.
Kiskis for donating a sum so large that it enabled us to purchase the final subforums.