Tommy Says:
Who's the smexiest one ? Me of course. Anyways rules we have to follow.

[1] Please don't not tolerate any hacks into the clan, or the clan will mass report you.

[2] Respect all members, please don't use and tolerate language beyond on the members, treat this guild as FAMILY.

[3] We will not tolerate "NOOBS" into the clan.

[4] No begging for items or such as gold please, We work hard for our stuff & will not give it away.

[5] Must have "Sexy" in your name, so we know you have PRIDE in this clan. Just Kidding. Dnt Put "Sexy" In It.
(More rules will be posted later on)

iLickz Says: Ayeee Hoes.[; Glad To Have U Join w/ Us In The Guilds. We Were The DT Group 2 Yrs Ago, But We Quit The Guild Due To School Shiiet. Anyways. We Post A Lot & Keep Active. English Is A MUST. I Do Not Tolerate The Ones Cnt Speak English Riight. Kay Im Dont For Now.
[Staff Members]

[Owner] S e x y T o m m y
[Co-Owner] S e x y S t e v e n
[Co-Owner] S e x y A l e x i s