"Everything is edible here. Even I am edible, but...

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User ImageJe M'appelle Ava! >.< en Anglais? My name is Ava, and yes im a random person...and yes ^that was French.^ Before you ask though, no I do not speak French, i can not read it, I do not understand it...but it does look pretty cool. Right? User Image < which is as close to speaking French as I get. mmmm french fries! C:

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So yeah, the above icon doesn't lie...it's pretty bland and boring. So I decided I have some extra User Image and I chose to create this Guild, one that everyone would have a chance to join, thus the name: A Haven for Roleplayers.

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but what I really mean is your not...until you join this RP, User Image and it's super easy! You see that button at the top of the page on the far right hand side that says join guild? Okay, read carefully, because the next part is super super hard. >CLICK IT< Oh yeah, it just went there. Epic, I know, but that's what it takes, and we all must do our duty to click irresistible buttons.

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Okay, so the dinosaur icon really has nothing to do with the next section...its just really cuteness!!! <3
So here they are, because you know they were bound to make an appearance...and of course there are a few...rules.

    1. Have fun...because who doesn't want a super awesome amount of fun?

    2. Please post twice a week...because then you would be an awesome person...did i mention awesome? Yes i did. If you post at least twice a week you will transform into an AWESOME PERSON!!!! O.M.G.

    3. If you have any extra questions...PM me, because I would LOVE to answer them!!!

    4. Oh and you should should so add the guild's mule as your friend : AHavenForRolePlayers

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^Oh my gosh! that kitten just fell out of the cup. LOL!!!^


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Actually I would sooo rather be an awesome, butt kicking vampire with super awesome powers...but nevertheless, you should join if you hadn't and make new friends, join some RPs, hang out, and post funny pictures ((because its obvious I love them)) otherwise I'll have to strip you of your awesome person title and that would be absolutly terrible! >.<

so click it, or ticket it, or stick it in your juice box and drink it, cause this guild is awesome!

Important peeps: Captain: Ava
Head of Crew: Buttercup
Crew: Nero
Crew: Phantomdarkrose

OH! Before I forget...

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Also Member of the month:

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...but that's called cannibalism and frowned upon in polite society.