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War. Hatred. Rage.
Long ago, all the nations came together to form the United Nations, a symbol of equality and peace. Everything changed when the world came to an end.
Starting anew, the remaining people on the planet began to rebuild what was left of their destroyed homes. The nations seperated into Sectors, consisting of several countries within the same era. The eastern sectors, Sectors 025-075, reverted to the old ways of their people, acting as if history- technology, never happened.
In the west, the sectors embraced what technology they had left, and started from the beginning. They made cars, TVs, radios, phones, and guns.
Soon, their resources for these inventions began to deplete, and they had nothing to do but claim the lands of the east and take their resources.
Thus began a reign of terror in every land.
War broke out, and the massacres began. Entire villages were killed. Soldiers were blown to bits with handmade bombs. No one was safe on either side.
The story I tell you is of Sector 059, the sector consisting of Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, India, Egypt, and various other countries. This sector is in the very center of this war, and the most under fire. The people have returned to the olden days, having the land resemble Edo Era places, and Indian market, or possibly a dojo or shrine.
You are a person from the East or the West. You have your own ideals, decisions, and thoughts.
This is your story.

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