For centuries, humans have ruled the world. They killed animals, trapped them, and other cruel things. Little did the humans know is that a lot of animals have a humanoid form. The animals got tired of the cruelty and started to attack the humans, starting the the First Civil War of animals (Humans are technically animals). The animals were led by two dragons one white and one black. The animals won, but what was to happen to the humans was being disputed by the two dragons. The white one, now known as the dragon of light, wanted the humans to live, but all creature will be equal. The black one, now known as the dragon of darkness, wanted to kill all humans. Fighting broke out between the two dragons, and the animal split themselves into two factions one of light, working fr the dragon of light, and one of darkness, working for the dragon of darkness. To make things worse, the humans took advantage of this and started to fight to regain control over the world. This is known as the Second Civil War of Animals

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Time Era

Faction Locations
Light: Americas
Dark: Eurasia & Australia
Humans: Fled to Africa

RP is now open. If you have an idea for a location (within the territories or neutral zone) go ahead and post it without my consent. It will be good for the role play.