Time for a new chapter in the Pirate legacy!


Welcome to th' Seadog Pirate's Guild. Don't understand the
meanin' of th' guild, ye say? Well, let me put it simple so yer wee land
lubber brain kin understand.

This is a roleplaying guild for those of us who love pirates, thievery, plundering, and the like. You can jump in at any time, and you aren't restricted to any main storyline, though there will be one going on.

The pirate masters are Seadog Pirates, Shadoword, Inslet, and Eirai. If they say something has happened to your character, it has happened. No whining. Of course, we'll be fair, don't worry!

We're currently attempting to revive the guild with a new generation of pirates. This is long after the crew of the Conquest has retired. A new ship has appeared on the horizon!

If you've been here before, and have roleplayed, please be prepared to create a new character!

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