Hello, everyone. I decided to create a guild that I would love and other members would too. Who doesn't like scene girls or those hot emo boys? I know I do and I know some girls with some good taste do too. Please only join if your gonna post atleast once a day to anything or create some forums that you would like. Please only create role plays in the role play subfoum. If you are scene then post your pictures and get found or if your one of those sexy emo boys. If anyone joins that is not a fan and you start making fun of the scene or emo style you will be reported and I will stalk you,haha. Just kidding but, I'm warning you if you make fun of anyone in this guild it wont be pretty sweetie. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the guild and I will hold a contest where five people get together and post 3 pictures each of a scene or emo person and whoever has the best three will win 5k. Enjoy!!!

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