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Come visit our Recruiting Thread here!

W e l c o m e

to Sanctuary! A Role-playing guild for people to meet each other and create exciting stories and adventures!
It's free to join, so hop right on in! Don't worry, the water's fine!
If you don't see the perfect role-play for you, make one!

R u l e s
Follow Gaia's T.o.s (Terms of Service) You will get kicked out if you don't follow the T.o.s.
Be active.
Behave. Being rude and inappropriate can get you kicked out for good.
Swearing is okay, but please don't use curse words in every single sentence. Remember that there are some younger people in this guild.
PG-13. I don't think some of you get this. If the guild is PG-13, the role-play you make here can't be PG-17 or PG-15. No. PG-13. I will edit any Role-plays that I see with a different/higher rating and send you a PM to tell you for the future.
Please use good grammar and spelling. I recommend editing posts after you write them to catch any mistakes. This is just so that people can feel comfortable role-playing with you.
We have nothing against Yaoi's and Yuri's.
Follow the rules the role-play creator has posted, they may have more than the ones up here.
Have Fun!

I know it seems like a lot, but it's really not! As long as you guys stick to these rules, you'll be home free to hang out here! And now you don't have to read rules for every sub-forum, because they're all right here!

To keep the guild active, we are now enforcing post minimums! If you are a new member, once your first two weeks are up you must at AT LEAST 7 posts. If your post # does not increase for a long time you will receive a warning PM and eventually kicked. If you need to leave for important reasons, please drop by the Absence Log to let us know!

H o w T o J o i n

It's simple. All you need to do is give a short explanation of why you'd like to join and how you found us!

If you want, you can show off your role playing skills and give us a link to one of your Role-Plays.

And remember, you don't HAVE to be a role-player to join! We welcome anyone who just wants to hang out and chat!

Sorry to make you read so much, but now you're ready to join Sanctuary! Have fun! Invite your friends!

NOTE: Empty/Blank join requests will NOT be accepted any longer. I've been far to lenient with this and it's gotten out of hand. You want to join? You write. This guild is about writing.

R o l e P l a y O f T h e M o n t h


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What's wrong with YOU?! (Yuuki-Chan17 and kuro kittie)
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