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Welcome young wanderer,

I see that you are weary. Why not come inside and rest your mind a while? Spend some time inside the revered walls of this mystical place, and I'm sure you will find yourself unable to leave.

Have you rested? Why not walk with me through this place? There is much to be seen here, many voices to be heard. Can you hear them? They're calling for you, you know.

And what about you? Might there be something that interests you? I'm sure we have it here. I sense that you like stories. Is this true, young one? Come with me to the Balcony, then, and overlook all that goes on here. You see something that you like, don't you?

First, why don't we go here and meet those that came before you? You might even learn something new about this place.

I see that you have acquired some knowledge of this place. There is so much yet for you to know, precious one. Please, won't you stay with me a while longer? We would love to have you here in the Sanctuary.

Me? I am Clyve. Don't worry, I'll be around. You can reach me if you need me here.