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gaia_star Welcome to Salburg Cathedral gaia_star

The Official Atelier Series, Ar tonelico & Mana Khemia Guild!
This is a guild for fans of games made by GUST.

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Latest News!

This shall be updated in the near future.

Older News!

Atelier Totori: Adventurer of Arland (US/EU) Coming Soon!
Go to Official Website>>>
Preorder's up! >>>
Go to Discussion (coming soon?) >>>

If you wish, you may look at previous news at the Daily Cosmosphere.

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gaia_crown Guild Rules gaia_crown

The rules for this guild are simple! Please read and follow them accordingly please.

gaia_star It is recommended that you have a previous experience in having played, seen, or watched at least one (1) GUST game, read associated manga series, or watched a original anime video of a GUST property. However.. the most important part is that you possess interest in one or more of the games~

gaia_star Keep discussions and associated content at a PG13+ level.
>> In other words, inappropriate material such as porn/hentai aren't allowed... even this website forbids such content so the guild does the same.

gaia_star Try to be as literate as much as possible~ Perfection is not required, but do your best to make sure your posts and responses can be understood by other members and readers.
>> Also, it is recommended that you don't color your responses with profanity (ie: the f-word) and repeated usages may induce a ban on your behalf.

gaia_star Although this guild serves to promote and demonstrate appreciation towards GUST games, that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to post or discuss about other games, manga, or anime. ...just don't over-post or overshadow discussions with unrelated series. If you wish to do so, its recommended that you participate in other guilds specializing in those topics. If you are interested in introducing a unrelated series, please try to post it in [Nell's Chatterbox] first.

gaia_star If there are any problems or further questions, please send a PM to one of the active [crew members]. If you do not receive a response, please send a PM to the [captain] or [vice captain], and we'll try to respond as soon as we can.

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None for now!

If your guild was originally displayed here (check this entry for more information) and wish to resume affiliation, please send the guild captain a message.

If your guild wishes to affiliate with Salburg Cathedral, please contact one of our crew.

All official graphics relating to the Atelier, Ar tonelico, Mana Khemia and Taisou Mononoke Ibunroku series' are trademarks of GUST CO ©, LTD.

Please try not to post fan works that are not yours. If someone has posted your work(s) without prior permission, please contact one of the crew or captain and we'll do our best to sort out of the issue.