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ωεlcoмε to ~sαkurα kiss~ αn øurαη guild

~Sakura Kiss~ is currently the largest OHSHC guild on Gaia. The Crew and I are always thinking of new ways to entertain the members. There is always something new going on! At Sakura Kiss, we have the nicest Crew and Hosts that you'll meet! So why not join? Well, there are a couple things that you need to know first. Read the RULES. There are different rules for every sub-forum. If you read all these and follow them, then there will be no problems!

There is an application to get in now. Fill it out and submit it with your request to join. If you do not, you will be denied. And please be literate.

Why do you want to join?:
Who's your favorite host?:
Tell me, who is the naughty type? (and NO it's not the twins!):
How did you find out about the guild?:
Will you be active?:

guild мulε & rεcruitмεηt thrεαd
Once you are accepted don't forget to add the guild mule as your friend and donate gold or items! The gold you donate will be used for prizes for future contests! Also support the guild by posting in our recruitment thread.

iмρørtαηt thrεαds
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If you would like to become an affiliate, please PM Kibby47. I will only accept links.
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