This is a guild for... well ... Sitting around having fun... drinking the cola and not stealing.... {steal from the other guilds!!}

This guild is for those who love hAvAn. Also for those who love fairy tales, not just to read them, but also to write them. And if you are a Dark Elf, don't feel outcasted, the man in charge here, happens to be a Dark Elf! And if you are new to being a Dark Elf, you can ask him all that you want to know about Dark Elfs and being one! And those who are hAvAn knights also can join as well! And those who are like other things that are non-human, like vampires, werewolves, fairies, role players, madmen, centaurs, sorceresses, etc! You would love it here too!!!!!!! And those looking for chatting, love, and even lust, you can find a place here too!

This guild is for anyone who is desperate for friends, love, and etc! And also for those who are not desperate! You can chat and hangout, fall in love and makeout, and above all things, just have some fun!