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RWBY: Simple Souls


This is a series-based roleplaying Guild set in an alternate universe to the original RWBY series. To be specific, it differentiates itself by the fact that humanoid Grimm exist. Otherwise, this world developed itself in a very similar way to the world or RWBY that we have all come to know and enjoy. The time setting of this RP is fifteen years after the fall of Beacon Academy, where everyone has had their battles and the school has been rebuilt. The fight against Salem has not ended after all these years, yet she has been pushed back considerably and is considered to be lacking in power. As such, the situation is very similar to how it was before the fall of beacon.

Luckily, the success in fighting Salem has lead to an increased interest in becoming huntsmen and huntresses. While many simply want to join the ranks of the hunters for simple things like glory and fame, some have more personal reasons as to why they would like to fight for their nation. The question is, how many of them will stick with that decision once the fight begins for real once again, and how many of them will decide that giving into the darkness is the only way to survive in this world? Nothing can be certain until that time comes. Until then, however, we would just like to say:

Welcome to Remnant.


Rules for Joining
When submitting your join request, please do the following:
1. Tell us how you found RWBY: Simple Souls.
2. Tell us why you'd like to join the Guild.
3. Please tell us your experience in role playing.
4. If you have an RP sample you could link us to, that'd be greatly appreciated.