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Guild is under new Owner Ship: Nvv v2
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Please donate to the guild mule, rather than the guild account,
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Please follow all TOS. We will not stand for breaking of the rules!

Saradomin, the God of Wisdom
Walk proud, and show mercy.
For you carry my name in your heart.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.
Frotect your self, protect your friends.
Mine is the glory that never ends.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.
A fight begun, when the cause is just,
Will prevail over all others.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.

Guthix, the God of Balance
The trees, the earth, the sky, the waters;
All play their part upon this land.
May Guthix bring you balance.
All things must end, as all begin;
Only Guthix knows the role thou must play.
May Guthix bring you balance.
Thou must do as thy must, no matter what.
Thine actions bring balance to this world
May Guthix bring you balance.

Zamorak, the God of Chaos
Strike fast, stike hard, strike true.
The strength of Zamorak will be with you.
Zamorak give me strength!
Battles are not lost and won;
They simply remove the weak from the equation.
Zamorak give me strength!
The fallen foe is the one who tells no tales.
Only the strong are world.
Zamorak give me strength!