This is a guild open to everyone, from beginners to experts. All levels are welcome here so just have fun and see where your imagination takes you.

Rules to consider but don't have to follow

1) Killing other characters is allowed, BUT You can not go around and just say "your dead, your dead, your dead" Have a fight, most people wont just lay down and let you kill them. Also killing people without their permission will make them mad.

2) Turn based rps are much more organized, meaning that the order of posting should be the same. Example Sam, Jack, Penny, Sam Jack, Penny, Sam, Jack, Penny. ect...

3) If you want to have some R rated fun, please time skip or take it to PMs

4) No one liners, At least a paragraph

5) Swearing is allowed just don't do it every other word unless it fits. Like stubbing your toe.

6) Be respectful and don't ignore people if they are trying to RP with you.