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You stumbled upon "Roy Mustang The Flame Alchemist's Crumpet Heaven!", I hope you will enjoy your stay here....
This guild is for those who love fma and its also for an anime den, rping, and much much more!

Here are our rules... follow them and you will have me on your good side and mabey even find yourself a loyal friend! Don't Follow them and you will perish!!!!!!!!!


1. Respect the T.O.S.! And all races are wellcome!!! Angels- Grumbies-Humans! You name it!
2. Make sure your topics are in the right place
3. There is no rule # 3
4. Respect Everyone
5. If you have any sugestions or questions visit the threads for those
6. Guild Mods, go to the guild rules thread, those apply to you guys
7. You may donate if you like, it's greatly appreciated!!
8. Please advertise as much as posilble for the guild once you
become a member of the guild
9. Make sure you post alot! Or else you'll be remove.
10. Have fun!

~Darkforgoten fallen angel