❃ ☽ Roses of the Night ☾ ❃

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~*The Story*~

There's a world that the humans don't know of. Never even seen really. A world that is both good and evil. The Rose Academy welcomes you. We welcome you into our family where we can teach you about yourself and others, here we encourage arguments to be settled with words and not fists. Where every teacher has been through everything that you yourself have been through and as your headmaster your safety and happiness is my top priority. I will protect you all from a world that doesn’t understand you. Humans don’t know of us as I have made it so, we can live in peace here knowing that they will never find us. This school has been around for 1,500 years. Humans have never made it into this school thanks to me. I promise to give the best education that I can and to keep you all safe and happy. All I ask is that you enjoy your time here and that you all remain happy and healthy, thank you.~The Headmaster

Guild Rules:

This is a semi-literate to literate RP. No one liners. About 3 sentences per post will do.

Please be active. We do take this very seriously.

Follow the gaia T.O.S. Keep it PG-13, if you want to go further then please take it to pms.

When talking out of RP character please use any of these---> ((OOC: )) Or [[OOC:]]

No god modding. Not auto hitting and killing other characters without blessing

Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow guild members and definitely respect the crew.

The captain and vice captains word is law. Sorry, just how things are.

And just have fun!