Nov 22, 2017

Welcome To The Better Side Of This Cold, Dark, World
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As you approach the gates to a town you have just happened to stumble upon in your journey of a better place, you are greeted by the Mayor of the town.

"Hello there, you seem a little lost, so let me be the first to welcome you to the friendly town of Ytilaer. Thats Yeh-Till-Air my friend, it's a quiet and peaceful town out here in the middle of nowhere. With that said, if you think you can handle the peace and quiet of a town so out there in the wilderness, no other town can hear or see a bomb go off, I would recommend you drop off a citizenship form at the Town Hall to get things started, and hey, you just might make a few friends *coughs* or enemies *coughs, then clears throat* sorry bout that... you might meet some new neighbors along the way. Just treat the others how you'd like to be treated and I'm pretty sure we'll all get along"


Anyone is welcome to join, and all will be accepted, we only require to you come up with a character for the forums when you get accepted into the guild. Pretty much an RPC, but it's who you wish to portray yourself as while chatting in the forums, you can have multiple characters,, but there must be a main one for forum chat. You can be yourself, or "Escape Reality", and be whoever you wish to be (your own made up character of course), and of course, you can always make a new one at anytime and "remove" your old one from existence if desired