This guild is mainly for those who want to escape the horror of bad rp's that have dominated the forums. This guild is also mostly for fun and to get rid of boredom. so long as it doesn't violate the TOS and rules of Gaia. If you will please donate so that we can have contest and give-aways later-on

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#1, Have FUN

2. Get allong with others, we have no time to settle disputes between members. must post, we do check how many times you have posted and we will check and if you dont hit our certain "Quota" then you will be kicked out of the guild.

4.No drama, like fighting between members, with cursing and stuff that is an AUTO-BAN. maybe some cursing but that only involves with an injury of some kind. respect, you may not like the person your mad at but you must still deal with it or leave.

ALSO, any Roleplayers you know on Gaia or someone who likes to Roleplay? Be sure to tell them about the guild and tell them to request to join!

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