(Not Written by me but spell checked by me mhmm. Will be changing soon.)

Welcome to the future of roleplaying.You may be used to being in a roleplay guild.Well this guild is different.How would you like to own your very own small roleplaying guild for free?Well then you have come to the right roleplaying guild.Here you will pm me what you want your sub-forum called.Once you pm me it I will title the sub-forum what you named it.Once you have a sub-forum an I have put the name you wanted that sub-forum is yours you make the rules to it.You make what people you want in it.If someone gives you a hard time let me know I will set them straight.Now you may be wondering all the sub-forums are already named I want a second one or need a sub-forum.Well if it is your first sub-forum then I will pay out of my gold 2500 to make a sub-forum for you.If you already own a sub-forum then you will have to donate to the guild 2,500 gold to make the second one for you.If you are active I may just give you the second sub-forum for free.Just remember have fun!