Questions to think about before joining:
1. About how often are you on Gaia.
2. If you plan to acctually post somewhat often.
3. What types of rps are you interested in? Or what do ones we have that look interesting to you?
4. Are you a literate person and can you follow all the guild rules?

Some of the RPs get a little inactive for a while, Please join more than one RP so that you can stay active in the guild.
Guild Rules:
1: Biggest rule of this guild: You MUST post at least once in a while or you WILL be removed, talk to me if something comes up and you can't post for a while.
2: No Godmodding (or atleast try to keep it to a minimum)
3: Be considerate & open to everyone else
4: No slamming
5: You must be somewhat literate.
6: Keep the word 'F*ck' to a minimum please.
7: I don't mind a little sexual content, just nothing that could get me in trouble...stay pg13, please. If your characters do it...time skip or something.
8: You may NOT kill of another person's character without their permission.
9:You must post at least a sentence when RPing.
10: DO NOT act as if you own the guild or that you are above the rules of the guild and each individual RP. If I don't like your attitude you will get a warning then be either demoted or removed.
11: Join more than 1 RP to stay active.
12: Do not leave a person behind in a rp if they havent been on for a few days,(3-4 posts are ok but no more) people get busy, and their lives don't completely revolve around roleplaying. If they haven't been on longer than a week move on but somehwat keep them in the story(WITHOUT godmodding) so they're not completely lost when they get back and have to read 3 pages of replies just to find where they are suppose to be.

Anyone who posts in the RPs MUST be a member in the guild. if you are not a member, do not RP until you join. You may message me and ask any questions you may have.

(If you break a rule, do not post at all, or use really bad grammar when posting I will send you a warning, after 2 times of you doing it you will be removed from the guild.)
Check these guys out if you're into Creepypasta, they are new and need members:
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