Hello, welcome to Role Place. This is just a simple role play place (hence the name RolePlace). There will be both canon roleplays to original roleplays made up. Hopefully you will find a roleplay you like and join.

Request Form~

Gaia Name(Your UserName...)

Experience of Roleplay (how long you've been roleplaying, include how well you think you are. )

Why You want to join (Why you want to join the guild)
How did you find it? (How did you find the guild? Search persona and found this? saw a link in a signature? friend recommended it. If so, tell who recommended it to you)

Activeness (A MUST, type how much you get online to rp and such. Preferably at least 2 times a week.)

RP Sample (Type a 1 paragraph rp sample of a character you though of for this roleplay. Or just include a link to past RPs you've been in.)

Extra (type what ever here. suggestions, comments, ideas, or just an offer of affiliating with a guild here...)

I'm currently are in need of vice/crew and roleplay ideas. Please, feel free to suggest.