A guild for pokemon RP. Where all trainers and pokemon can be free. Let your imagination carry you away!
From training and raising pokemon to discovering new dungeons. Fighting a team of pokemon theives to battling outlaws. Or simply live the life of a house pokemon and have fun adventures to see the world.

Rules you must follow
*Please be respectful and use kind language
*Keep all Role plays pg13
*Always unexpect the expected
*If you have to quit a role play to live your life let every one in you RP know so they can find some one to fill your spot
*Please be creative and feel free to post pictures of what your adventure may look like.
*If you have any question about how to role play just ask some one for advice. Under no circumstances should you be turned down from help or called a "noob" Any that do so will be warned if it happens again you with be suspended from my guild.
*If you catch anyone breaking the rules please tell me or a member of the crew.

If any of these rules are broken you will be warned then suspended if it happens again after that you will be banned!

Oh! almost forgot the most important rule.
*Have fun and let your imagination run free.

There is an entry fee of 100g to help with subforms and such for extra role play room.

Just remember that no matter what this guild was made for many people to let their imagination free.
Some roleplays may be more complex then others but Some may be carefree and easy.
No matter the roleplay you are welcome to play and read as much as you want!

~Thank you for taking you time to check our guild~

♥~River the froakie