Riverrun was once a strong and proud kingdom based around the grand city of its namesake. Once the streets had been packed on any given day with people and races of every conceivable ilk, the river itself had been just as busy with row boats and small sailboats ferrying people and goods to and from larger ships out in the bay and to various places around the city like a busy set of highways.

Once the trumpets sounded from the city walls and soldiers in bright shining armour upon the Palace parade ground. Great heroes had called the city home.

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But now the city falls empty, people no longer walk her streets, the waterways are stagnant and still. Plants reclaim the once immaculately paved roads. The Heroes of Riverrun are but a distant echo of a forgotten past.

There is no record of how long the city has stood empty. Legend tells that the people of the old kingdom simply vanished into nothingness, but what truely happened in unknown. It is widely believed that the city and her lands are horribly cursed by an ancient evil. It is certainly true that any attempt to settle the lands in living memory have all ended in disaster, whether it be due to disease, fire, floods or a handful of other tragedies. Only a hand full of bandits, vagabonds and thieves dwell in this forsaken land.

But deep in the heart of the city, known by the old citizens of Riverrun as 'The Pool of the Gods' something stirs.