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Welcome to Riverbank Academy!

Hello, and welcome to Riverbank Academy!
Here, we accept all species and students.
We have many exciting things going on on-campus like The Library, Art Room, Tech Lab, and many more we would like you to see!
We also have many interesting things off-campus like The Park, the movie theatre, a local càfe, and lots of other places!
Want to choose what happens and where in this academy?
We hope you have a great stay at Riverbank Academy!


- Please stay active.

- Follow the rules of the ToS.

- Please type properly, because we are not chatting.

- No godmodding. PM the Captain if something wrong is happening.

- I will assign your dorms.

- Please read the introduction, rules, & joining form. If I view a join request and it doesn't have anything from the form, I will decline it.

- Have fun!