Hello, and welcome to the Rich Gaians Club, by joining this club it means you have proven you are worth having and may be an important part in further events throughout the guild's future.

Every so often i will post a contest on the Forums! some will be for rewards, some will be just for fun. Whenever you see a contest, be sure to try to win it for they will be fun and i hope everyone gets involved.

The guild will be updated every so often and every once and a while i might post a small surprise! so keep checking in and hope that you run into Pigout666, the creator of the clan and earn my respect. this may cause me to post more on the forums *hint hint* and every so often if a member is online i will go to them.

if you are having trouble with anything(purchasing an item, earning money, etc etc) You may post ur problem to the im a rich gaian help me out! forum post! remember only post if your willing to help or need help biggrin

The forum rules: all people in the guild may add a forum topic of their choosing. just keep it PG-13 and under. if i see any adult themed forum topics the result will be an automatic kick from the guild. there is only 1 exception Forum... its the M+ forum

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