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What if there was another world, similar to ours in some ways, but also very very different? A world that is created by the dreams of our world, and is affected by the dreams of ours. A world constantly in a state of change, full of the most breathtaking dreams, and the scariest nightmares. It is a constant struggle between the Dreams and the Nightmares, fighting for control or peace, while the world shifts and new problems come up constantly. Who will you be, a Dream or a Nightmare? Enter Rhiod, the World of Dreams, where anything a human can imagine, can happen.

This is a semi-literate guild. However, this is not based off of any number of lines, words, or characters, as I feel that the length of a post does not accurate portray a person's skill at roleplaying. Some people can write three sentences and make them really powerful, whereas other people can write four paragraphs that are boring, pointless, miserable to read, and contain almost no real roleplaying. So, as long as your posts contain enough for your fellow RPers to respond to and have fun with, you are welcome here!

1- Follow Gaia ToS, obviously
2- Respect! Crew, other RPers, everyone! It's important, and drama will not be tolerated.
3- NO godmodding, auto-hitting, or auto-knowing. Again, obvious.
4- NO killing off another person's player without first getting permission from the captain and the character's player. I expect to be informed of all deaths before they happen.
5- Nobody can be too powerful. I know anything can happen in dreams, but this is a roleplay, and everyone should have a fair shot.
6 -This roleplay is specifically omitting the typical "teenage dream." Romance is expected and allowed, but keep it appropriate to Gaia. Any cybering will result in an immediate banning and deletion of posts.
7- Be active! You should be checking/posting every day or so, but the more the better. However, I understand we all have lives. There is a topic you can post in if you are going to be gone. If I feel you are being inactive, I will give you two warning PMs. On the third, I will kick you. You may re-apply, but if it happens repeatedly, you will be banned.
8- Have fun! I hate sounding so strict during the rules, but it's important. So, now that that's over with, have fun!

If you wish to join, please send a request answering the following. Don't stress about your answers, it is just so I can get a feel for you as a roleplayer before you enter the RP, and factor that in to my decisions.

1- How long have you been roleplaying?
2- How often will you be able to post in the roleplay?
3- How did you find this guild?
4- Please include a roleplaying sample. If you use BBC code, send it to phantomturtle in a PM (preferred), or give a link.