The entities of the Moon and Sun have battled for many eons. A powerful goddess,Nyx. Queen of the Night. The goddess of the Moon and The Shade Empire. Then there is the king of the Sun. Rampage,The God of the Terza Empire. These two powerful dieties and nations are soully bent on defeating one another. Will you be the one to end it all? Will you lead your nation to victory?! Who shall you worship!

Each empire is ruled by a set of two siblings. Sometimes twins,sometimes one older,one younger. These children are very powerful combatants. Each child is blessed with 2 gifts. They lead their family's and god's empire with great nobility,valor and wisdom. No one ever dares to face them,besides the other nations rulers. This times...the nations are ruled by twins. Each twin has it's own highly trained,rutheless and lethal bodyguard.

Shade Empire:
Twin 1(Boy):Yata346
Twin 2(Girl):
1's bodyguard:
2's bodyguard:

Terza Empire:
Twin 1(Girl):
Twin 2(Boy):
1's bodyguard:
2's bodyguard:


When you apply to join, PLEASE GIVE A REASON WHY YOU WISH TO JOIN. If you don't, you will not get accepted!