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Regions of Rokugan~
Rokugan is an empire that covers the known world in the era of feudal Japan. There are lesser empires like the Burning Sands and the Ivory Kingdom but all who live in peace with the empire stay in Rokugan.
The lands of Rokugan are broken up into 8 regions and are watched over by the 8 greater clans. There are 2 minor clans that almost rival the great clans but they are made up of non humans and usually not trusted.

Rokugans tranquility and balance of power always hangs by a thread; For the only real threat to the mighty empire is the Shadowlands. This is the place where the evil god Fu Leng fell and started to spread his corruption. His power is even felt within Rokugan as the slowly spreading taint corrupts members of the clans. Fu Lengs only goal is to take over all that he sees.

About the guild~
Regions of Rokugan is a semi literate feudal Japan Rp. You are welcome to make just about any character type. This is a low technological world. A little steampuck is ok but mechas and no high powered guns.

How to Join~
1) Read over the Rulse.
2) Read over the world info so you know what the guild is about.
3) Click the join button and give a writing sample, membership is free!!