WARNING: Do not donate to the guild. The Gold cannot be given to anyone. The gold would be only able to be used for making sub forums. If you want to donate to someone, find who you want in the Guild and send a trade and/or gift to them.
There may be groups... some who play Zomg most of the time, some who earn money through the market and some who earn it through other means. Other people in the group will... just be there, taking it easy with others here... This guild is still in the experimental stages so... I'll update this every now and then. I want this guild to be multi-purpose, so it'll be active. A lot!

Joining? Well, I need a reason to accept you...

... to add BBC code to the description.
... to greatly improve the system of this organization.
... you want to hang out here and chat with other people.
... donating to others in the guild.
... help others out in Zomg.
... set up contests.

... Or just to hang around! Can't forget that.

For now.... we'll just have to see how things works...