You roleplay the everyday life in training bases as red and blue armies. You can have as many secret friendships with the other team and such as you want but I am going to limit each team to 8 people max. I may introduce a Freelancer to your base because as the RP leader I play the part of the Director. This is separate from the RvB universe so no main charecters allowed. The agent names will be state names as always but you can be whatever you want not just copying the originals. This is a work in progress so anyone who joins early bare with me.

Ark I: A Dark Past

The Director's past threatens to come and make itself known. He can't let this happen, so he has gone missing and no one knows. What he is doing is unclear. Why disappear so soon? What is happening that made the Director have to hide? The freelancers are left without there leader, but can they manage? They have already manged enough-attacks that grew worse over time- but if this past is really a great threat, will they survive?
Credit to Crystanis who edited

DIRECTOR- Ivan The Russian

Agent Alabama:
Agent Alaska: Monster Of the Mist
Agent Arizona
Agent Arkansas:
Agent California: crystanis
Agent Colorado: LeaderOftheFallen
Agent Connecticut:
Agent Delaware:
Agent Florida:
Agent Georgia: PairOsocks
Agent Hawaii:
Agent Idaho:
Agent Illinois: KageFiendBaka
Agent Indiana: iXx Cole xXi
Agent Iowa: count sasuke uchiha
Agent Kansas:
Agent Kentucky:
Agent Louisiana:
Agent Maine:
Agent Maryland:
Agent Massachusetts:
Agent Michigan:
Agent Minnesota:
Agent Mississippi: Lady Lizabee
Agent Missouri: Guardian dragon hellfyre
Agent Montana:
Agent Nebraska:
Agent Nevada:
Agent New Jersey:
Agent New Mexico:
Agent New York:
Agent North Carolina:
Agent North Dakota:
Agent Ohio: LeaderOftheFallen
Agent Oklahoma:
Agent Oregon:
Agent Pennsylvania:
Agent Rhode Island: PairOsocks
Agent South Carolina: Darestrum
Agent South Dakota:
Agent Tennessee:
Agent Texas:
Agent Utah: Makarov Palotski
Agent Vermont:
Agent Virginia:
Agent Washington: Monster Of the Mist
Agent West Virginia:
Agent Wisconsin: lvan The Russian
Agent Wyoming:
Agent Xeno(Elite):Eliminate Reality