Welcome to the ultimate guild for all readers and writers!!!!!!!!

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Thanks to Sakurai Nemu for drawing this picture!

This is a place for anyone to talk about their favorite books or post their writing. It's easy to join, and requests will not be rejected unless they do not meet the following requirements. There is currently no requirement regarding activity, although there have been some attempts at making rules in the past. For right now, however, you do not need to be active, although it is appreciated.

In your join request you must include the following:
1. Why you want to join
2. Your favorite genre
3. The title of an interesting book you have read recently
4. How you found the guild
5. And put the word "onomatopoeia" somewhere in the request so we know you actually read this. biggrin

If you don't use proper spelling or grammar in your request, it will automatically be rejected. One or two typos aren't a big deal. Oh, and try to actually use the shift key. "I" is capitalized, you know... razz
The same goes for the forums.

We've got plenty of events and contests going on right now, so come on in and check them out!

These are our new affiliates! They're pretty awesome!

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Active members are welcome! Our new goal is to get 600 members! Please join!