Welcome to a universe where rave is life.
The streets are lit by the neon lights of clubs,
Politics and war do not exist here.
World peace is the beat we dance to.
A world where humans, furries, fairies and all other species
come together on the same dance floor.

1. Follow TOS
2. Guild Leader's word is law.
3. PLUR ☮
4. Role play posts must be at least semi-pretty.
5. Text must be at least semi-literate
6. Characters must be in rave clothing.
7. No using gaia avatars or selves as characters.
8. Be kind to everyone, I'm the only one who gets to cause drama ^_^
9. No explicit material. No gore, sex, drugs or anything else illegal.
10. Don't intend to post? GTFO :3

Profiles do not need to be sent to me.
I feel that there is no need for me to accept them
Because if you post something that violates the rules,
I can tell you to fix it :3
So we cut out the middle man and you can just post without
Having to wait for my approval.
This does not apply to role plays within the guild, not made by me.
Others may require profiles for their threads.

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