This is Guild centered around 3 things
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Anime and
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I've created this Guild to bring together ppl from over Gaia to come together, to share and talk about things tht we all like, to share to ideas and fill someone in on wut thay missed on last weeks ep. of Naruto or Bleach, u kno stuff that we all do from from school to love. I'm not the first person that u'll c leading forst thing unless it has to do with Soccer, Skateboarding or just good old fashion Jackassinbut side that i'm not the guy u go lead anything, but if u give me a chance i'm sure that we'll all have a good time doing the things that we all that we do well.

Before u enter u enter this Guild a words

I'm not the kinda of person to get mad about stuff but plz do these things for me, cuz everyone that run other guild told me to make rules so here they r.

1- If someone decides to make make a big deal about something and u want to throw words around take out of the guild

2- If Approved u must at least post 3 times a mouth

3- Don't SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallow those 3 things and were good, thx for reading plz fallow those liltte rules and if u don't want don't u have a right to wut u think and i can't foruse anything on u. So have a good time and live alil in here ur stilll young so enjoy life, l8r

Dark Fire King Of Night