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A television crackles in the background of every home, bar, and store; every single channel cuts out and an international emergency broadcast blares. "This is an international state of emergency, this is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test. Random doors of varying size are appearing across the globe. Take precaution and do not approach these anomalies, these tears are dangerous and have been known to produce hostiles. If seen, contact your local police station and quarantine the area. Do not interact with any unusual areas. " The message ends and the regular programming returns.

This occurrence isn't new, by any means, and there are some who have already disappeared. Now it is up to you, dear citizens, to figure out what to do from here. Do you attempt to explore? Do you try to discover the origin of the rifts?

As your guild leader, I can only support you in your decisions. Are you ready to face the challenges ahead?