Welcome fellow Role-players! This is the guild to role-play to your heart's desire, role-playing everything from fantasy to mystery and everything in between! If there isn't a forum for something you want to do, pm me and I'll gladly add it. smile

~Don't be rude to the other members, as this is supposed to be a fun, happy place for people to role-play to their heart's content without having to worry about being bullied, flamed or harassed.
~If someone harasses you, please notify the staff immediately.
~If another person's character is being mean to your characters, do not take it personally; they're only characters, and the aggression is not really directed at you.
~Please do not role-play anything above PG-13. Once things star to get heated or clothes start coming off, please skip it.
~Try to be as active as possible.
~If you are going to be unable to get online for an extended amount of time, please try to let those you are role-playing with know ahead of time so that they will be prepared. And you must give a legitimate reason for long-term absence if you are not going to be able to get online.
~Please follow Gaia's T.o.S.
~Have fun!

I will accept Join Requests!
(Since the guild Captain is not active much anymore, _Hoshiyuri_ will be managing the guild for the time being. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message her.)