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              Hello, welcome to Project: Goldsink! Gaia defines a community project as “anything designed to bring the community closer together, help other members of the community or enrich the experience of other Gaians.” And that is exactly what we are trying to accomplish here at P:G. The goal of P:G is to bring the userbase of Gaia together to fight the inflation that has been growing rampantly since 2013. Now, you may be wondering how we will be able to curb inflation since Gaia does not constantly have goldsinks going. The answer is simple: guilds!

              I know what you’re probably thinking, how are guilds going to be effective when it comes to combatting inflation? Well I’ll tell you! When you create a guild, that guild comes with a guild account that you can deposit up to 999,999 per donation to the guild. While that may not seem like much, it does make quite the difference. Let’s do some math real quick, lets say 20 people deposit 999,999 Gaia Gold ten times. 20 x 10 = 200. 200 x 999,999 = 199,999,800. While that really may not seem like that would make a dent in the problem that we are faced with, the reality is that majority of Gaian’s are against the release of Gold Generators. If we created a community of the thousands of Gaian’s who are against these generators we could combat inflation effectively! Let’s do some more math, shall we? Let’s say we have 5,000 users who are apart of this movement all donate 999,999 Gaia Gold ten times we would have been able to effectively eliminate 49,999,950,000! That is some serious cheddar right there.

              In order for inflation to stop we need to band together and utilize the tools Gaia has given us. We can beat inflation as long as we work together. So, what do you say, will you join the movement?