Welcome to Primordial Sky

Currently as a public guild, The Elders at Primordial Sky, would like to welcome everyone to come be part of history in the making. An RP guild at heart, we want to invite anyone with a love of the beauty of nature to join us and participate in building an empire that is entirely devoted to living within nature and not destroying it. Too often we find that developers come into an untouched area and the first thing they do is level the place for kingdoms, schools, and such. Our purpose is to preserve our little piece of sky.

The only rules in the guild are:

1.) Follow Gaia's TOS, any violators will be banned.
2.) Respect and live in harmony with the nature that is around you.
3.) No Flaming! If you do this, we WILL penalize you.
4.) The Elder's Word is LAW.
5.) The Captain and Vice Captain have ultimate veto power.
6.) If you wish to join an RP, please submit a character summary with an application to join
7.) Keep Out of Character stuff in the OOC subforum...that's why it's there.

Currently we are looking for Elders.
We are also looking for people who want to run parts of the community:



~Town Hall



Any Other Ideas are more than welcome, just PM me.

The Story

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The closer to the top of the mountain he got, the smaller the trees were. This was amazing to him. All his life he was climbing trees, conquering them. These were not going to be a challenge, in fact....he had to watch his step to avoid killing them. The air, although cleaner, crisper, was thinner and harder to take in...not providing the breath he needed to continue. It wouldn't hinder him though, the anticipation alone is what drove him. The simple knowledge that, from this peak, he would see the beauty of a new world. An unexplored terrain, open for his taking.

Farther he climbed, higher, until there was the last boulder, a sheer 15 foot tall stone in his way, from the top of which, he would see it, the endlessness of this new world. He reached up, and with a mighty force hoisted himself up onto the stone.

He gasped in awe, not anticipating it's beauty. The mountain range, the rivers, the plains, the forest, the coastline. Suddenly it was all worth it. No one believed him, no one would join him on his quest, and now this new world was his alone to do what he pleased.

Standing at the peak he called out to the winged ones and he asked them to let others know of his discovery, asked them to bring him people to share this beauty with. An elite few that would appreciate the beauty and live in harmony with this world. As they scattered to the winds, answering his request, Skyler proceded down the far side of the mountain, to look for a good place to setup camp.....a good place for a home.