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Adorable banner and doll by alyssan. Base by Jishin

Hello and Welcome to Priceless Pixels! (A guild for dolling and pixel artists)

About: Priceless is a guild where you can display your art and get friendly constructive comments.
We have tutorials, links, and experienced members that are here to help newer pixel artists.
Priceless also has: Contests (prizes!), exclusive bases, an Interactive sub-forum, Resource sub-forum,
Personal Gallery sub-forum, a sub-forum for other art... and more is being added as our guild grows.

Application form:
We are tired of receiving applications that don't tell us anything useful.
When applying to join please copy and paste this forum then fill it out.

How did you find this guild?:
Your age?:
How long have you been dolling/pixeling?:
If you were a member, how often would you post?:
Why do you want to join Priceless Pixels?:

Please don't send requests that only say "I want to join" because we will not accept them.

Important Threads:
Guild Introduction/Guild Rules and FAQ/Banners and Exclusives/Hall of Fame

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We have a new Contest! (NOW VOTING. Vote for your favorite!)
Pendeogen contest - a race of addicts.
Come and enter for a chance to win 20,000g!

I would like to thank everyone who has been keeping this guild running in my absence.
-Vivienne Valentine.

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