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Japan, you are not alone in this dark time. The earthquake has touched many across the world. I've been hearing, and seeing a lot of threads saying that " Oh good for them, its karma. " And I can say it really annoyed the hell out of me. So to all the people who think Japan deserved it, this isnt the place for you. I dont think anyone deserved what happen to them. Just think about what would happen if it happen to where you lived, would you be able to listen to some other country say " Finally, they got what was coming to them. " Oh hell no.

This is a place to share your regaurds to the people of Japan. This is a public guild to show your respect for the people of Japan, and to show your love for them. The prayers and thoughts of us might not affect the world, but it can change the hearts of people as they read. I am hoping that Japan gets back on their feet, and that they will be able to overcome this horrible event thats happen to them.

This is just a guild that was made to share the many prayers and thoughts from us on Gaia. You dont even need to post, just join to show your support.