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Basically, it's Hetalia's Nation-tans all going to Hogwarts and learning to magic and have adventures and things. It will basically go like an actual year at Hogwarts, the main goal being your house winning the House Cup at the end of the year. There will be Classes, events, Christmas celebrations when that rolls around, Quidditch matches, and whatever you guys want to suggest, and whatever I come up with along the way. OC's are more than welcome, but I'd prefer to get as many canon characters in as possible.
--------------HEY LOOK A THING READ THIS-----------
ok so this organized time and coordinating everybody type stuff isn't working
I've come up with a new plan
you guys can roleplay with whoever you want, however want, whenever you want, and any scenario in any room in the castle! wow! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so like if you want to roleplay something with someone, (or multiple people) just ask them, organize how you want to go about it, and go to whichever room you need and have fun. If there's a room that you need that I haven't created yet, just ask me and I'll set it up for you.
you don't have to worry about what year your character's in, or what everyone else is doing or what time they're in, hell you could be roleplaying in the middle ages with someone in the next room playing modern times, I don't care and it doesn't really matter
all of your events and stuff will be independent of each other and what's happening in one room will not at all effect the events in another room, unless you want them to.
hey you can also be in two places at once!
and you don't have to pay attention to what time of day or what day of the week it is because you set that yourself! and no needing to come up with excuses for your character to be out of action for however long, either.
(if that wasn't explained very well just PM me and I'll try harder to make it make sense)

so yeah go and have fun! Roleplay in places! Drag your friends in to play with you!
have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone please remember that while this is a very relaxed roleplay, you are still representing a country and the people that live there. If anyone in this guild feels that your representation is inaccurate to the point of being offensive, you will be asked to review your character. It's really not as strict as it sounds, as I said this is very relaxed and more focused on having fun and expanding on your own characters, making friends, all that good stuff.
you can have whichever character you want, even if there's already one, so if one America isn't available you can just ask another one to join your rp and all that stuff so yeah be who you want yeehaw
you should still submit your profile to me though because I need to have a thread with all the roleplayers you can ask to roleplay with you in case you don't know anyone yet and you can just go there and ask whoever yeah