Once there was guild. Such a guild that eyes burned out of Gaians sockets at first sight. It was loved by all whom lived in or around the Portland Oregon area. Despite the blindness it caused everyone, they all still joined. This guild, oh what such a guild, full of wonders. Full of action and adventure.. To this day that guild lives on taking the eyes out of such innocent peoples.. This is that guild..


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Do YOU live around Portland Oregon?! Do YOU want to meet with other Gaians that live around the same place you do? Then THIS IS THE GUILD FOR YOU!!

This guild is specifically made for people like you, to meet up with other people like you, in that area in which you live, that's in Portland Oregon, of course

c'mon now! What are you waiting for?! Grandmas cookies? THEY'RE ALREADY HERE!!


omg Nintendo cake ↓↓
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This guild and the guild owner are not responsible for large amounts of awesome feelings during awesome meet-ups of awesomeness. People who join must be willing to be an active Guild member and actively meet up at least every now and then. They also must live in or around the Portland Oregon area.

Also, this guild is Sister to Portland Meet-Ups (18+) Guild, for those of you in the Portland Oregon area that would like to meet up with older peoples ((This Guild is super dead though so don't bother))