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The Polls Will Eat Me!

Welcome to our Guild!
Our goal is to make a fun, friendly, Poll Guild full of contests and regulars!
Please help us now by joining!
Dont worry, no matter what, you WILL be in!
Unless you're [Tyrent]... Or gate.
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Started 20th April '08

Donation Link!
Please donate to the guild mule, rather than the guild account.
That way the gold can be put to good use!
Like contest prizes, random gifts and guild improvements!

New Member?
Click Here.

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1. Follow TOS
Self explanatory.

2. Add a poll to EVERY thread
If you don't, they will eat you!

3. No advertising other guilds, except in signatures.
You can occasionally bring up a different guild but
a) No asking people to join that guild
b) Don't mention the guild obsessively
(eg. making threads specifically to talk about the
guild or something that happened there)
We're just trying to keep our members in PWEM.

4. Keep swearing to a minimum
Keep it PG-13. Inappropriate language is unnecessary and
could be found offensive by some members. If you do wish to swear, go ahead, but swearing excessively or toward another member could result in an official warning.

5. Be nice to fellow members
Being mean will only get you into trouble and will annoy the crew.

6. Try not to page stretch
We're not quite as strict on this one, but try not to do it.
It can get quite annoying sometimes.

7. Please don't beg in the main forum
If you really think anyone is going to want to donate to you if you beg,
then please do the begging the Spam/Quests Subforum.

8. Do not piss off the crew, it may not end well
Trust me. You don't want to do it.

If you break too many rules, this may result in an official warning. These can only be granted by crew members. If you have received one and are unsure if it is real, pm me and ask nicely User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
If you receive three official warnings, then you will be banned from PWEM for refusing to follow rules.
This has only ever happened twice, so don't worry!

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Apologies for this list being redone.
If you were once an affliate of PWEM, or would like to become one, PM one of the PWEM captains.