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Welcome to PokePark, where all Pokemon dreams come true. This world is filled with Pokemon and without any human traces to be found in any part of this domain. What happened to them? Why, they haven't even been born yet, silly! Yes, this is the world before human hands touched it and this world will remain a secret even as humans are born. By who you may ask? I don't know, must be the same way we were all created; hatched. Who am I? I'm such a rude Pokemon, I was just so happy to have guests that I forgot to introduce myself! The name is Mew. I've lived on this planet for as long as I can remember. It was pretty empty when I was first hatched, but now that I have friends to play with I just can't keep my excitement down! There are some rules, but they're so minor that I'm sure you will incorporate them in your daily lives here with a breeze.

However, if your heart is set out to explore the Human World then we have methods to allow you to do so! With the Human World you will become a Human and be allowed to catch Pokemon and train them to your desire. Here, you can fight with Rivals, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and the Champion! As there are various types of Pokemon so are there various types of Humans!

If your heart is set out to be PokeRanger then you have come to the right place! Here a PokeRanger's duty is to use the help of Pokemon to assist them to keep the peace within the Human World. If you want to feel like a hero and have the sense of accomplishment than the PokeRanger is for you!

However, I know that some of you aren't too into Pokemon or are new and its difficult for you to understand all that goes on in this world. Here we have places where you may roleplay to your hearts content without a Pokemon theme. Yes, you may roleplay like you normally roleplay in other guilds. So don't worry, there is a section for people like you too!


No Cybering

No Godmodding!

Write at least four good sentences, I understand writer's block.

No Killing other Pokemon, they can faint but they cannot die! If you don't want your character to be in the story anymore than just make them disappear and please verify that you are leaving.

Keep it PG-13!

Don't ignore other Pokemon, its plain rude!

Warning: If you become inactive for quite some time than the PokePark will throw you out to the human world {In other words, you'll just get booted off the guild}!

There are more rules within the Guild but don't worry, their just rules about how the world works and such to stop cheating in order to promote fairness.

Map of the PokePark
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