Many years after the current day, a mysterious phenomenon took the entire Pokémon world by surprise. Every single Pokémon, including legendaries and those living in secluded locations, transformed into a humanoid, barely retaining physical features reminiscent of their previous forms. In addition to the natural confusion and chaos caused by such a dramatic change, the fact these "Pokéhumans" kept their mysterious part created a sense of fear and distrust that essentially drove humans and this newly created race apart.

In their new forms, moral and ethical concerns regarding continuing their use in battle and for unpaid work arose, and much of the society as it was known ceased to exist. Trainers, Coordinators, Gym Leaders - none had a place in the society anymore. Construction and mining work took a heavy blow from the inability to count on the assistance of fighting-type Pokémon. Hospitals suffered from the lack of Pokémon's curative abilities. The list went on and on, and the rift between the two races grew as no agreement could be reached.

Decades passed since the incident, and a fair group of humans and former Pokémon, tired of the conflicts, struggled to find a way to coexist. They have formed a small settlement, secluded from the rest of the world. Eventually, they decided that one way to attempt to regain the lost bond of trust between mankind and Pokémon was to find a way to relive the days gone by - when trainers could still catch, raise, and form partnerships with their Pokémon.

These efforts led to a project consisting of meticulously reconstructing the world as it was before the incident, and carefully gathering data on places, Pokémon, history and lifestyle as they were at the time. For this, the group had the cooperation of many "Pokéhumans" who, being far more long-lived than regular humans, were alive at the time and remember it well.

The project is in its final stages, and now humans are being invited to help test it and gather data by creating a virtual avatar for themselves, immersed in the virtual world, and catching, raising and interacting with virtual Pokéhumans. To aid them in their journey, they are assigned a partner, a Pokéhuman, much like humans once had Pokémon as partners.

Pokehumans and there masters have now been trapped in this project for 50 years by the infamous criminal misfits of TeamRocket. They fight, live, and die united trying to escape the Virtual world they know. Welcome people to Pokamonia World!!