Welcome dear adventurers to the Arcaia Region! A region where pokemon of all shapes and sizes have gathered across a beautiful landscape. The region is at peace for the most part, a few criminals here and there but nothing major.

To the north there are 7 gateways, that lead to the "Trainer's Proving Grounds." The seven gate keepers live in random places all over the map, much like gym leaders. Each of them has a key. Beating all seven of the gatekeepers is the most well known and possibly most difficult way in to the Proving grounds. The other two ways to get in are by getting five different contest ribbons or by just making yourself famous. The World Tournament and Grand Festival are held in the Proving Grounds. Many talent scouts for Pokemon theater and movies gather there too. Inded it is a place for all trainers to aspire to reach.

Legend says that there are extremely powerful pokemon that sleep within Arcaia's landscape, some who are said to cause calamity if unleashed. Yet there are still those who would wish to disturb them... For better or for worse.

So prepare yourself! It's your story, your time, your journey! And it all starts here!

Join Form:
1. Define Literate
2. Define godmodding
3. Find the misspelled word on the front page.
4. Why do you want to join us?
5. What's your favorite pokemon?
6.Mind giving us a RP sample? (link)