When push comes to shove, the organization known as Team Rocket has always pushed back harder. Each time, they rose from the ashes stronger than before; but after centuries of conflict, the Organization found itself faced with a foe even they could not defeat. With the end of all things before them, Team Rocket found itself with but one choice ahead of never have to face this foe to begin with.

Through methods no mortal man could hope to survive, several agents of the Organization traveled back in time to warn the Administration of these future threats, altering the timeline and erasing their involvement in events. Now the Organization stands strong once more, having weathered the scourge that caused their second fall, and the world is held tight in their iron grip. Yet not all is well. While old and once-future foes lay vanquished, new foes shall rise to replace them. A dark star lays on the horizon, heralding events most dire.

Team Rocket must once more prepare the next generation, but from which Division will your lessons be learned?

Vermillion Division - Followers of tradition, sired by old blood and raised upon the riches such ancestry provides. The Noble and Wealthy given power, prestige and more for their loyalty to the Organization.

Cerulean Division - Genius is a rather hackneyed term, but the students here have truly earned it. With superior intellect, these young trainers have been brought into the fold in order to mold their minds for the Organizations future.

Viridian Division - A collection of outcasts and eccentrics, each member of this division possess a particular talent desired by the organization. Though even they are not aware of it, their unique abilities and mindset will prove most valuable for the Organization.

Just remember that the path to victory is oft paved in blood... whether it's yours or the enemies is up to you. Now step forth, take the test which will determine your place in the Organization, and seize your prize!

Click on this to take the test, then PM it to Grey Moonfang IV, or In the Garden of Monsters if you wish to join this guild


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