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Welcome Pokemon Gijinkas! Every day more and more are brought in, and even more can no longer take it. Pokémon and humans have been treated like equals for the longest time. But when a new race is born, they are tested artificially almost every day, and if not, every day. The tests vary from physical to mental and even plain cruel testing. They are treated unfairly for being who they are. It's not their faults, they were born that way. No idea what their future may hold in store for them. Most of us were created in a lab; others were born. Many others enter this Earth in different ways yet to be discovered. They are part human and part Pokémon, and are able to transform into the Pokémon they are connected with. Their powers are those of the Pokémon they are part of. When push comes to shove they all must band together with the others and try to break free. Though there are those who believe it is for the greater good to be tested on and some have even lost their hope and fighting spirit to break free altogether. ...Have you? Scientists claim they would not use you like most, but as you go on you discover that they intend on using you for war, experimenting, slaves and yes, worse things to come. Will you fight along side the others for freedom? Many other things await you in this world but the question for now is, are you up for the challenge?


Note that for the list of rules look under the Rules forum in the guilds' Subforum

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